• All Sporting Clays/Hunting back support belts are not created equal! Compare our belt against those made by Back-A-Line, Ergodyne, Safe-T-Lift, Schiek, Flarico, Champion, or any other belt out there and you will see that ours is 2nd to none!
  • KoolBak Belts use a patented design consisting of multiple layers of breathable, coated, reinforced mesh with compression technology that is strong, cool, washable, durable, and comfortable and greatly relieves back pain without slipping or rolling.
  • Several medical studies have shown that KookBak belts increase muscle activation (EMG) while standing and bending. This improves muscle tone, reduces fatigue, and guards against muscle atrophy. By comparison, other belts that restrict range of motion (such as canvas lace up and corset styles) decrease muscle activation (EMG) and may cause atrophy with extended use.
  • Independents tests have shown the KoolBak back support belts relieve up to 50% of the downward pressure on the lombar and other tests have shown back muscle activity increases 20%+ over other belts while standing, 50-60% increase while bending with equalizing stability (protects longitudinal ligaments, discs, and facets). In addition, studies have shown that abdominal strength can increase up to 12% after wearing a KoolBak belt for one year.
  • Each KoolBak belt (and each accessory) is handmade in the USA from top-grade materials made in the USA including a welded steel ring (others use plastic) and top grade Velcro Ultramate (picks up 90% less lint than standard Velcro and is much more durable).
  • KoolBak belts require no special care - they can be hand cleaned with regular soap & water and hang-dried. The breathable nature of the KoolBak belt will not absorb sweat, mold, or dirt. So, no more smelly back belts!
  • We guarantee each KoolBak belt and accessory with a LIFETIME warranty! Yes, you read that correctly - A LIFETIME WARRANTY!

KoolBak: Absolutely the Best Sporting Clays & Hunting Back Support Belt Around!

Compare Our Belts and See the Difference!

* Top Quality Material including Welded Steel Rings & Velcro Ultramate

* Handmade in the USA since 1988


* Patented Design

* Guaranteed NOT to Cause Muscle Atrophy
Unsolicited comment from a recent customer:
You can print this testimonial if you want. I think your belts are the best that I've ever owned. In fact my fishing buddies who fish with me have commented while they are on their #2 or 3 belt I still have my same belt. The Velcro or the lack of it on your belt is the key. While everyone else's hook and fastener has worn out your hook and fastener system is far superior. I've been fishing with this belt going on 5 yrs and no problem.
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Pouch attaches directly to the KoolBak belt.

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